Scottish Terrier Puppies

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Scottish terrier puppies for sale


 Scottish terrier puppies for sale is that of a short-legged but substantial terrier with distinctive furnishings at the beard, legs, and lower body. The wiry topcoat and soft, dense undercoat coat can be black, wheaten yellow, or a brindle-stripe pattern. Also, Scottish terriers for sale have Bright, piercing eyes, and erect ears and tail. These convey keen alertness—a hallmark of Britain’s terrier breeds.

The scottish terriers for sale working style has been described as efficient and businesslike. Furthermore,  their aloofness toward strangers makes them excellent watchdogs. Their hunting instinct remains strong, which can complicate life for the neighbor’s cat. Scottish terriers for sale are also known to be cantankerous around other dogs. This bold and clever Scotsman enjoys brisk walks and upbeat play.

If the dogs’ coat is;

  • healthy and grows evenly and there is no dry, flaky skin or irritation,
  • the eyes are bright and there is no chewing or itching,

Then odds are the dog is being fed suitable food. Some experienced breeders have found terriers to do well on a moderate-protein diet (mid-20-percent protein), with a bit of an additive such as canned food. Contact us for Scottish terrier puppies for sale near me

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